Tips on How to Successfully Launch a Podcast

You have gone through all the steps of setting up your podcast and are now ready to launch. The manner in which you launch your podcast determines if your podcast will pick up or not. This post offers insightful tips on how to make the biggest impact on your launch week.

Treat Your Podcast Launch like an Event

Setting up a podcast is hard work. A lot of thought and effort goes into the process. If follows that you need to make sure that your ideas, efforts and determination produce a desirable impact. It can be very demoralising to put in all that work only to have your podcast flop at launch. The goal is to leave as much impact as possible on your launch week. Although the launch is not the end game, it feeds your morale and confidence as a podcaster.

The best way to make it a successful launch is to treat your launch like an event. With a big announcement and celebration. The aim is to make a big splash. The bigger the initial splash, the more attention you generate with leads to more subscribers and higher rankings. The first thing when planning the “event” is to have a launch date or a deadline. This date or deadline should be specific and transparent to the audience. This way, you can tag them along as you build up to the launch. It is also an effective way of motivating yourself and building your morale.

Build Up a Buzz

We know that you should approach your podcast launch like an event. But not just like any event. Hype it up and make it seem and be a fun and a must-not-miss event. Create a buzz. Put together ideas that will strategically inspire anticipation and excitement as you approach the launch. The best way to do this is to work back from your launch date. You can then identify the most opportune days to promote and market your podcast. A calendar should help you put together and track these days. On each of the select days, allocate one or several channels through which to highlight the podcast. The channels can range from social media, your blog, networking platforms.

Use Social Media to Your Advantage

Your social media followers are part of the network you have created. Be it professional, family, business or acquaintances. They are an expression of the things you like or admire. Therefore, it makes sense to harness their energy in building up the excitement for your launch.

Here are a few ways you can use social media

Podcast Logo/Graphics

Developing a podcast logo or graphics is a process. By sharing your work in progress versions of your logo to your followers, you create a connection with them. You can even ask for their opinions thus giving them a warm sense of creative collaboration. When the graphics and the logo are finally ready, you can also share with your followers. This will give them a sense of shared accomplishment as well as offer them a visual sense of the show. Effectively, your followers become part and parcel of the journey which means they will be as excited for the launch.

Podcast Clips

Share short clips of your episode, preferably 15 seconds long, to create anticipation. It also gives your followers a teaser on what to expect from your podcast. For maximum impact, select a quality short and sweet clip that will inspire your audience to subscribe.

Quote Graphics

As with podcasts clips, mine your launch episode for a catchy snippet that you can turn into a quote graphics. You can also include a countdown to the launch day on this graphic to build up anticipation.

Compile an Email List

As soon as you start marketing and promoting your podcast, you should simultaneously start building an email list. An email list provides you with a quick and effective way you can inspire people to subscribe. You can inspire them by offering insider information, or something exclusive that others don’t have access to. This can be anything from structure of your podcast, your inspiration, potential guests etc. remind the people on the email list that they will be the first to know about special offers, new episodes and launch day festivities.

Submit Your Episode to iTunes Before The Launch Date

Exclusive information. You can actually submit your podcast to iTunes before your launch date. See, iTunes might take time to accept your show. And the last thing you want is to get to the launch day without anything to promote. It is okay for iTunes to accept your podcast before the launch date so long as it is not public yet. When the launch day arrives, everything is ready to go and there are no delays. You can give it at least 48 hours before the launch date.

Pump Up Your Promotional Efforts on the Launch Day

It can be a big anticlimax if you would hype up the launch day then suddenly go quiet on the actual day. Logically, you should build to an emphatic climax. Make as much noise as possible on the actual day. The goal is to create as much exposure as possible and help iTunes rankings. An ingenious tactic is to compile as many promotional assets as you can before the launch day. On the actual day, all you have to do is methodically and repeatedly post on your blog, social media and anywhere else. The promotional assets can range from quote graphics, testimonials from colleagues, iTunes review/ratings and audio clips. The bigger the splash the better.

Why is it important to make a big splash? It all to do with rankings. You see, iTunes rankings are based on the number of subscriptions, reviews, ratings and downloads immediately after your podcast launch. Therefore, if you can generate enough buzz to inspire those activities in a short time after chance, the better your chance of getting higher rankings.

Bonus Tip. Remember the benefit of appearing on other podcasts to promote your podcast? Well, that benefit also applies before launch. Being a guest on another show will help you build useful relationships as well as promote the launch of your podcast. Remember to appear on the right podcast.

Launch with Multiple Episodes

It is important to hype up your launch and the hope is that the audience will love your content. When people love your content, they will want more of it. So what happens when, after all that hype, your audience only have one episode to ponder on? They will be frustrated and might be tempted to leave a negative review. Therefore, make sure that you have several episodes to show when you launch. This gives your audience more to ponder, and respond to. It generates more talking points which can extend to social media discussions. Give the audience something to quench their anticipation while still building momentum for future episodes. Experts recommend launching with three to five episodes. Although this might sound overwhelming, you only need to factor it in your plan and everything flows effortlessly.

All the points raised above are aimed at creating a buzz and building up anticipation so that the launch can have maximum impact. However, it will not be worth the effort if you do not give it your all and have fun at it. You are about to have delivery of your “baby”, you should be excited and proud of it. Now get at it and make it memorable. Also make sure to come back and check out new tips and insights to get your podcast growing.