Phase 4 – Producing Your Podcast

Producing Your Podcast

Step 14: How to Edit Your Podcast like A Pro

You can now get down to editing. Cut off mistakes, pauses, stitch different audio clips together, add music or FX and make sure the podcast has the best audio quality possible. Depending on your setup and the subsequent recording and editing software, you can confidently edit your podcast like a pro. Again, there are many software’s in the market, both free and payable. The trick, however, is to start small and build up as you gain experience.

Step 15: Using the Right Music for Your Podcast

Using music in your podcast is not a rule. However, it is popular with established podcasters as it helps exude an image of professionalism. While you are at it, make sure that the music is no longer than 15 seconds and is appropriate for your audience. Additionally, make sure that you have the license to use that music for your show. There are many websites that offer music that you can legally use on your show, commonly known as stock, royalty free or library music. You may have to pay a one of fee or a subscription that gives you access to a library. If you are on a tight budget, you can also search for Creative Commons licensed music. However, this music is not the best quality, it is commonly used and often carries usage restrictions.

Step 16: Selecting the Right Cover Art for Your Podcast

As with your podcast name and episode titles, first impression matters. Selecting an attention grabbing cover art that stands out among thousands of shows is crucially important. As with music, you can find cover art from Creative Commons Licensing. You can also opt to have your photography-loving or artistic friend develop something custom for you.

Whichever option you go with, your cover art of choice should be 1400 by 1400 pixels in PNG or JPG format, 500kb or less in size. Having that your cover art will be viewed by audiences on different device sizes, avoid cluttering it with details. Keep it simple, neat and attractive.